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| Horizontal News Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0 |

JavaScript Horizontal News Scroller options simulated below: 1.Messages pause in
scrolling area:
a)Singles, at left / centered based on CSS. b)More, as many as they
fit within area entirely / partially - equidistant scrolling - with each and every message
pausing at the left edge
2. First message pops either at the left or at the right edge.
3.Dhtml Horizontal Scrolling JavaScript allows speed change & stop / resume Live.



Simulation DEMO #2: Horizontal News Ticker. PATTERN MORE: as many as to fill entire scrolling area.
Messages scroll very smoothly and pause when every one reaches the left edge. First pops up at left.

~ Dhtml Slide Show ~
A .js file is called upon to feed DEMO's Algorithm and Body code