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Free Horizontal News Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0

Dhtml Horizontal Scroller JavaScript options simulated below: 1. Messages pause in
scrolling area: a)Singles, at left edge/centered based on CSS.
b)More, as many as they
fit within area entirely / partially - going around equidistant - and every message
pausing at the left edge. 2. First message pops at left(centered) or at the right edge.
3. Dhtml Horizontal News Scrolling JavaScript allows speed change & stop / resume Live.


DEMO #1: Horizontal News Scroller. PATTERN SINGLES: only one pausing in horizontal scrolling area. Messages
scroll to left very smoothly and each pauses centered based upon CSS TEXT-ALIGN:CENTER. Click DEMO #2 =>

Horizontal News Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer 7.0
Horizontal Text Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0 Free =>
Ready Zip Download: htm file with DEMO running actual script code with cut&paste portions
bundled with clear and simple rules to follow and js file. You see right away how they work.
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