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Horizontal Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer v7.0
Dhtml Horizontal News Ticker scrolls left messages: text / images
each as wide as desired regardless of the scrolling area width.
A reload is needed if text size changed after actual running.

1.Javascript Horizontal Scrolling runs messages along 2 Patterns:
   - Singles: showing & pausing within scrolling area one at a time,
     pausing CSS based at left edge or centered, then while scrolling
     left next one scrolls in. If longer, a 20px space is set after.
   - More: showing as many as they fit within area at a time, all go
     equidistant with a blank space being inserted after every one,
     each & every message pausing when reaches the left edge.
    - Choosing pattern means setting 0 for Singles or 1 for More -
2.Horizontal News Scrolling Javascript - First message may start:
   - at the right edge then scroll left and pause based upon CSS.
   - just in a pausing position in scrolling area: at left or centered.
3.Horizontal text ticker pauses each message & with mouse over.
4.You may opt for Speed-change Live / Stop-Resume: may
   change speed or stop scrolling then resume from there later.
5.Other News ticker adjustables: Speed,Pause,Size,Background.
6.Horizontal Text Scroller Javascript allows most basic HTML code.
   Images may be used instead of messages as a Slide Show.
7.It allows local, internal & external Style Sheets and also local,
   internal & any external/remote javascript-text-friendly-code
   source to feed Javascript Horizontal Scroll messages from.

Zip Delivery: appropriate cut&paste & js sections & clear,simple
instructions with scrolling DEMOs running actual Scrollers js code.

Implementation*: cut&paste & set: CSS, Pattern: Singles or More,
Width & Height in pixels, Speed, Pause, Background, Other avail
Options, Messages: 0 through n. Use iframes for 2 on same page.

WIN/LINUX:(+) ie firefox chrome opera safari mozilla ns6 ns4 ...
                MAC OS X: safari firefox chrome ie opera ...
Note*: If any, the web page may use DOCTYPE for (X)HTML documents,
including W3C strict Standards_compliant mode.